Lil Texxan

Lil Texxan is an electric, multifaceted rising music star from the Lone Star State. His music is a balance between catchiness and intensity with a firm sense of his scene, drawing influences from other Texas legends such as DSR and UGK. With a creative process based off seeing himself from the outside, Lil Texxan is both a storyteller, performer, and insane lyricist.

Lil Texxan keeps his creative fire alive through his relationship with fans and the strong musical bonds within his family, even his coined phrase, Ya Feeel Me, was created by his brother. His own work as an artist started emerging at a young age while he was still in middle school; he immediately knew he was on an upward trajectory once he noticed the pride and fulfilment that came from those who listen to his music. From dancing, to freestyling, or just hanging out, his songs are the portal to good times, deep emotion, or other memories within the broad range of emotions he has in his musical toolbox.

Lil Texxan aims for versatility within all his tracks. Beyond just beats and bars, there is narrative, rhythm, and experimentation which has pushed him to the top. Lil Texxan has orbited himself to new musical levels within the scene, performing at venues such as the Rail Club in Fort Worth where he packed out the show. Now he looks forward to taking his work further after opening for Xavier Wulf; his most recent collabs with various artists are steadily gaining on SoundCloud and he recently even voyaged into EDM. Bet You Can’t, a collaboration with He$h, has been rapidly growing his fanbase. Whether online or performing nationwide, the dialogue with his audience and onstage charisma marks him out as taking the best influences around him and spinning them into something new and refreshing.

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